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Lessons from Killer Nashville – 5 Things I learned About Attending Conferences

Despite the fact that I felt like a Facebook stalker fan girl at Killer Nashville last weekend, I took a lot away from the conference, not the least of which are these five tips for attending any writer’s conference. Learn from my mistakes. Please.

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On Book Sales & Marketing

Successful Ebook Sales GraphI discovered something interesting yesterday as I was working on the prep for the Killer Nashville conference. I was looking back over past ebook sales for Biloxi Sunrise to see when I sold more books and what I was doing at the time and here’s what I learned: I’ve sold more then 10,000 copies of Biloxi Sunrise since its release.

In looking back over the sales, I can pinpoint a few times when sales really spiked. I’ve been lucky, Amazon.com has picked up the book several times to feature in the ebook newsletter that goes out to readers. Whenever that happens, sales jump considerably.

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