Successful Ebook Sales GraphI discovered something interesting yesterday as I was working on the prep for the Killer Nashville conference. I was looking back over past ebook sales for Biloxi Sunrise to see when I sold more books and what I was doing at the time and here’s what I learned: I’ve sold more then 10,000 copies of Biloxi Sunrise since its release.

In looking back over the sales, I can pinpoint a few times when sales really spiked. I’ve been lucky, has picked up the book several times to feature in the ebook newsletter that goes out to readers. Whenever that happens, sales jump considerably.

Perhaps the greatest jump in sales, though, was due (at least in part) to a push that I did to have the book included in other newsletters that go out to Kindle readers, such as Kindle Nation Daily. I also had campaigns at Goodreads, and did some various sponsorships.  All of these things combined to create great momentum for my kindle sales.

Sadly, my marketing efforts fell off over the last couple of years.  I can see it in my sales numbers. But I am still selling books, even without any marketing efforts at all. That’s exciting. Imagine what I can do as I ramp back into marketing and begin the buzz for the novella I hope to release in December.

I’ll be interested to see how the next couple of months go.

What’s been your most successful marketing effort, paid or free? And which do you find gains more traction – free or paid marketing efforts?