I’m so excited! My proof copies of the print edition of Biloxi Sunrise came in today!  They’re beautiful!  They’re also chunky. That’s what happens when you plug a novella into the back of a novel, but I was still a little surprised. You won’t find any book-shaming going on here, though.  I happen to think they’re completely beautiful, chunk and all.

I’m reading through the book now, correcting some of the mistakes that were not caught during editing.

I can’t believe as many times as this book has been edited (and YES, I paid an editor) that there are still mistakes, but there are. So, I’m correcting them, and I’ll re-release the e-book once it’s complete.

I’m also looking at my writing with a much more objective eye.  It’s not bad writing, but I feel like my abilities have improved and matured since the book was written.  I guess that’s what 4 years distance will do for you, though. You learn and grow, or at least you should learn and grow.

I used to have these great leaps of maturity.  I would learn a little, learn a little, and then all of the sudden there would be this epiphany moment where something I’d been struggling to learn (and sometimes relearn multiple times) would just click into place.

I’ve experienced those learning moments less frequently over the last couple of years.  I hope that means that I’m learning consistently, rather than in leaps and bounds.  That’s my hope. I certainly feel like I’m constantly learning new things about the craft of writing, and about my abilities and voice.

I wonder do all authors go back and read their first books and see a difference in the distance they’ve come? Do all writers have moments of “Oh, now I get it?” Do you?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  I would love to hear your story of learning and growing.