A month or so ago, I wrote a short story that’s turned out to be part of a series of short stories.  This first one introduces readers to Mary Suzanne Cooper. She’s a character that came to me after hearing the Carrie Underwood song, Church Bells.

Mary Sue Cooper is a small-town girl that's desperate to get out of the coal mining town she grew up in. When the handsome young mine owner takes an interest in her, will he be the answer to her prayers, or a devil in disguise?Song like this one tend to inspire my writer’s brain. I can’t listen to music while I write, but I hear the essence of a story and my mind wants to know the rest. I want to know what the characters are doing. I want to know who they are. What brought them to the place they’re located in the song? Often, I do what I did with this one.  I hear the piece, and it turns into a springboard for an entire story. Unlike what usually happens, though, this time I headed the call.

I wrote the first short story, but it didn’t answer all of my questions.  By the time I was done with Mary Sue, another character had come to life in my head.  She’s the inspriation for the next story, which will be out later this year. I think you’ll like her. I do. But then, I’m biased right?

With that introduction into an uniquely average writer’s creative process, I give you Answered Prayers*. I hope you enjoy.  It’s a short read, only about 15 pages. Please feel free to leave your comments below.  I would love to hear your impression of Mary Sue, James, and Arben. Reader feedback is always important to me. I would also ask that if you have time, please review the story on Amazon.  We writers depend on those reviews, so your help is much appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

*Word of warning to readers – This book contains language that some may find offensive. Please be aware there are swear words used in this text.