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Finding Balance in the Writing Life

I’m in a unique position. I am a non-fiction writer by day, making a living writing and managing content projects. But I’m also a fiction writer by night. It’s my second job, if you will. Maybe one day it will be my only job, but that day has not arrived yet. So, I spend a lot of time writing.

Sometimes, that makes it hard to strike a balance between writing and having a life that doesn’t include writing. Don’t discount the value of that outside life, either.

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The Biloxi Series Books Are Available!

I pulled it off.  I managed to finish A Biloxi Christmas and get it ready for sale, and complete the print edition of The Biloxi Series - Follow Jack Roe and Kate Giveans as they solve murder and try to build a relationship in Biloxi, MississippiBiloxi Sunrise.  As a bonus, the print edition of Biloxi Sunrise has the novella in the back of the book, so anyone purchasing the book will actually be getting both with a single purchase.

It’s been a learning experience, and there are a whole lot of people I have to thank for their help in making this happen.

For the print edition, I owe Debra Kern Gaskill, author of the Jubilant Falls mystery series, a huge debt of gratitude. I never thought print was a possibility for the books.  Debra helped erase that misconception, and I am eternally grateful for that.

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