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Down to the Wire

I spent last week with my family in Mississippi.  It was nice to be around the people that I love.  My dad, sisters, and their families. But, Thanksgiving is over, and it’s time to get back to work.  Or, if you were like me, you worked through Thanksgiving. I have a book to produce. Actually, a book and a novella. So, while I did take Thanksgiving Day off, I spent the rest of the weekend finishing up with minor edits and details for those books.

It’s down to the wire now.

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The Best Laid Plans – Or the Life of a Non-fiction Writer

I’ve been pretty covered up this week with projects at work.  I’m a business and technology non-fiction writer, but I’m also a Content Project Manager for the Studio B agency.  That means that in addition to writing, I’m also coordinating and managing content projects for others.  Those projects can be anything from blog posts to book-length, multi-author behemoths with multiple contacts and project managers on the client side.

It’s work that I love almost as much as I love the writing.

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